The EMEA solution

Let’s face it – we all want to deal with people who are expert in their field.

And that’s exactly what we are, expert in delivering quality, actionable intelligence for technology vendors for Europe, Middle East & Africa.

Frankly, it’s not possible to be this expert in all regions across the globe – that's why we focus on EMEA, where we're strong.

Our team of researchers; our group of Team Leaders; our language capability; our cultural understanding; our methodology – these are all EMEA-specific.

And the time-zones across EMEA give us a sensible, manageable working pattern.


Quality is a relatively small word but it has a big meaning. We see it as an amalgamation of accuracy, completeness, coverage, recency, deliverability and service.
We offer unique and unambiguous contractual commitments to Key Performance Indicators for all these aspects.



Getting ALL the right details every time.



Getting the details right the first time every time.



Verifying all contact information at least twice per year and updating company information annually in line with fiscal year-ends.



Covering ALL of the relevant organisations and contacts.



Making sure the details enable your messages to reach the intended audience



Supporting you all the way. Responding promptly. Guaranteeing portal up-time.

For full details on these unique guarantees, plus a more extensive description of these critical aspects, please click here


Marketing Edition

The Marketing Edition enables you to precisely target ALL the right decision-makers in ALL the right organisations & ONLY the right Decision-makers in those right organisations. It gives you instant access to your target audience with intuitive tools that ensure your marketing is precise, targeted & relevant.

  • Select the precise audience for each campaign using over 185 job roles and over 300 verticals
  • Instantly create, download and manage targeted campaign lists
  • Automatically synchronise all the data with your in-house CRM solution(s)
  • Match target accounts with our automated matching tool, then extract specific contacts at those target accounts

Sales Edition

Too much Sales time can be wasted on profiling potential prospects and identifying key decision makers/influencers. Not with the i4business Sales Edition - it delivers what you need to know, freeing you to spend your time talking with your prospects, not researching them… It’s not who you already know, it’s who you could know!

  • Instantly access the intelligence you need on all your target companies and contacts
  • Salesforce Integration - instantly insert or update lead, contact & account details
  • Receive alerts when target contacts & accounts are updated or inserted
  • Navigate through parent/subsidiary relationships
  • Navigate to contacts LinkedIn profiles