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High Quality Enterprise B2B Data for Sales & Marketing in EMEA

We are specialists at providing high quality enterprise B2B data and we guarantee our data quality within our SLA

Focused, targeted sales and marketing is essential for success so it’s clear that you need to precisely target ALL the right decision-makers in ALL the right organisations.

You want every touchpoint by your business to be relevant and welcomed by every contact. If you can achieve that then your audience will be more receptive and responsive which means your marketing campaigns and sales pitches will be more successful.

With various different types of B2B data providers now available such as list brokers, intent data providers and lead providers, it can be difficult to know what’s the best option for your organisation. We keep it simple, the i-4business online B2B database is raw contact data for you to build your own pipeline and it’s specifically engineered to deliver you a guaranteed quality, fully compliant dataset.

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Comprehensive Enterprise Company Coverage

Comprehensive profiles on every Enterprise Organisation across EMEA with either sales revenue of at least $50M or 250+ employees.

Typical size and complexity of Enterprise Organisations can make sales and marketing interaction more complex with more individuals to influence, often across multiple departments, multiple locations and potentially multiple business units/subsidiaries. The need for detailed, comprehensive intelligence is paramount and it’s why our proprietary research methodology is effective.

We also include Public Sector organisations, regardless of size because of their higher technology-related expenditure. This includes Central Government; Local/Regional Government; Emergency Services; State Healthcare; State Universities.

Company Coverage Analysis

Various analyses of the companies included within our online database are available including by size; by sector; by region etc. Updated regularly these statistics provide a good overview of the coverage. We can also prepare up-to-the-minute statistics for you on request analysed by any number of other factors to suit your need.

i4b EMEA Specialists

Enterprise EMEA Specialists

It’s not possible to be an expert in all regions across the globe – that’s why we focus on EMEA, where we’re strong.

Our online database platform specialises in providing the complete data solution focused on EMEA (Europe, Middle East & Africa).

Our team; our language capability; our cultural understanding; our methodology – these are all EMEA-specific. Our native-speaking researchers deliver fluency in French, German, Dutch, Flemish, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, Spanish, Portuguese, Hebrew, Italian and Arabic, in addition to English. Most importantly having lived, been educated and worked in those countries, they fully understand their cultures ensuring we approach and interact with people and companies in those countries appropriately.

Countries currently included in the i-4business enterprise B2B database are:

Western Europe

Benelux: Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg
British Isles: UK, Ireland & Gibraltar
DACH: Germany, Austria, Switzerland & Liechtenstein
France: France & Monaco
Iberia: Spain & Andorra
Italy: Italy
Nordic: Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden & Iceland

Middle East

Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and UAE


South Africa

Detailed B2B Data

Contacts are categorised across a total of 100 job roles to give you the level of granularity to select the precise people you need.

Key core roles are always researched in every organisation. Other key roles are researched if the organisation is in a relevant sector.

The expansive detail is designed to deliver all the information you require to support both sales activity and marketing campaigns as well as planning and strategy considerations.

All these elements of our B2B data are queryable/searchable via our online database platform delivering rapid response for your sales and marketing needs.

What information is included for each Enterprise Organisation?


Each separate commercial legal entity and Public Sector/charity organisation, occasionally a division of a larger organisation is present as a separate entity if it is managed quite autonomously.


Wherever possible, shows the featured 6 measures of size covering both in-country and global locations where possible, number of customers also included where relevant.

Industry Sectors

Shows all sectors relevant to each organisation (i.e. may be multiples)


Covers both corporate information sites and client/public-facing sites as clickable links

Group Structure

Fully navigable parent and subsidiary chains

Custom Information

(for Company & Contacts) – client-specific data extensions.


HQ plus address for each contact, visiting and/or mailing addresses, full address plus telephone


Full range of decision makers and influencers for both IT and Line of Business

Enterprise B2B Data

Precision Filtering

To ensure you can target the right people at the right companies whether it’s by region, size or turnover, verticals, company or job title our platform enables you to drill down into your exact target audience with absolute precision.

Precision Data Filtering & Segmentation

With over 226,000+ fully GDPR compliant B2B contacts and 100+ different job roles working within every enterprise or public sector organisation across EMEA, our database platform gives you access to a huge breadth of choice.

But we know you don’t need to communicate with all of them and that picking out your target contacts could make a huge difference to your campaign success.

The more you can niche down your audience and fine-tune your content to match their needs, the more success you will have. Marketers who used segmented campaigns noted as much as a 760% increase in revenue. (Campaign Monitor).

That’s where we can help.
Our B2B database platform allows you to be incredibly precise in your campaigns by providing the tools to enable you to drill down into your exact target audience with absolute precision.

Once you’ve defined your target audience you need to segment it. Our B2B database platform enables you to then segment the data to create as many individual niche audiences as you can. This makes sure you address the right contacts in the right companies with the right messaging. It will help make your message more impactful to drive results.

Ensure you target the right people at the right companies whether it’s filtering by region, size or turnover, verticals, company or job title.

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