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How clean is your business database?

Are you looking for a quick and easy way to measure the quality of your business database? Spring clean your internal data with our Free Data Audit.

Why not take advantage of our free data audit to evaluate your B2B database?

Did you know that on average 35% of contacts in static business databases have actually left the company?

A staggering statistic when your business database is one of your most important assets. Representing both your customers and prospects, it's the very foundation upon which your business success is founded. Each time you use this data it affects how your business is perceived so it's essential that this information is up to date and fit for intended use.

Our data audit is absolutely FREE, it covers all angles showing you the quality of your data and highlighting the cost savings you could make by removing inaccurate data and adding fresh accurate data. Use it to not only measure the effectiveness of your database but also to immediately at no cost remove all left contacts from your CRM.
There's absolutely no obligation to purchase additional data so there's no catch!

What exactly is included in our FREE Data Audit?

Evaluation, deduplication, data correction and enhancements of your business database.
In a nutshell, we will highlight any data integrity issues, such as:

  • Individuals that have left
  • Incorrect Titles/Job Roles/Email/Telephone Numbers
  • Incorrect addresses
  • Duplicate names and addresses
  • Individuals who have requested not to receive cold calls through the TPS
  • Customers who have moved and can be re-addressed

Typical Data Audit Results

i4b Free Data Audit
  • Will match up to 5,000 records from of your database
  • Will show you changes to data (where contacts have moved to different role/changed email etc)
  • Provide you with all updates on contacts who have left for you to keep
  • Will show you how we can add contacts to your target audience (i.e. you may have 100 security contacts @ 100 accounts/we may have 1000 security contacts at those 100 accounts)

To arrange your FREE Data Audit, call us today on 01252 367400 or use the contact form below

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