You probably find these About Us pages rather boring – after all, most About Us pages tend to involve a significant degree of self-absorption.

Things like When did we start doing what we do and all that ”interesting” stuff

Well, we’ve included a page about that – it’s the one entitled Our Story – hopefully, it’s more relevant and interesting for you than we’ve suggested here – after all, it does explain how we are qualified to claim expertise at what we do and it explains the journey we’ve taken to be able to deliver on our vision.

That vision was - and is – to deliver actionable intelligence, accepting no compromise in terms of accuracy, coverage, depth, breadth, recency and overall relevance.

The purpose of that information? To successfully fuel your sales and marketing activities and campaigns – to enable you to reach ALL the organisations and contacts you wish to target – to target the right people with the right message every time – to accomplish all that on-line, on-demand, all day, every day.

Our job is to find the companies and contacts you need to influence, leaving you free to devise your sales & marketing strategies, design your campaigns, produce your content and generally focus on winning hearts and minds and, of course, business.

We do this exclusively for Technology vendors like you – we service no other sector – an example of one of the fundamentals of business in which we believe – totally focused, precise targeting. We believe this to be one of the most crucial factors influencing success of any venture.

Our clients cover all areas of the technology spectrum - software, security, hardware, storage, networks, datacentres, systems integration, etc. As evidence of our compelling service, most of our new customers find us via referral.