All the information we deliver (every scrap) is researched in-house – we do not aggregate or resell anyone else’s information. WHY? Because no-one else has the commitment to quality that we insist upon. We use a unique and immensely effective methodology to achieve our goal of unparalleled quality, accuracy and completeness.

Our entire team are full-time, permanent employees, based here at our HQ. They are working in their native-tongue – Germans calling Germany; French working on France etc. That goes for the Team Leaders, too – every Regional team is led by a native-speaking Team Leader - every Team Leader started as a Researcher and proved their worth in that role. (incidentally, that also applies to the Research Managers and all of the Account Managers.) A Team Leader’s primary focus is on accuracy & completeness and compliance with our methodology and processes.

Selection of the team are profiled below:

Vicky Mcfarlane: Sales Manager

Bernard Tafa: RSA Researcher

Nic Hordnes: Research Manager

Lucy McGuigan: UK Researcher

Alberto Gomez: Spanish Researcher

Monika Wasyl: Account Manager

Richard Hodges: UK Researcher

Nikita Nikolaev: Russian Researcher

Louise Lambert: UK Researcher

Elisabeth Lebosse: FR Researcher

Andrea Reep: Account Manager

Tim Stevens: Managing Director

Jeff de Wit: BNLX Researcher

Matilda Fry: Nordics Researcher

Allan Colbourne: Russian Researcher

Becky Stevens: Financial Director

Emile Mefan: FR Researcher

Janina Schober: DE Researcher

Olivia Miller-Davis: UK Researcher

James Stevens: CTO

Roberta Tesei: Italian Researcher

Tom Humphrey: UK Researcher

Charlie Marshall: Research Manger