Tim Stevens
Thursday, April 18, 2019

Advanced Business Data For EMEA


Whether you are a global corporation or an ambitious start-up, how you market your business domestically and overseas can see profits soar. Buying is no longer country-specific, so why should your business be?

Diversifying your revenue streams not only protects your business model – it cements your reputation. There are (of course) barriers, such as language, cultural differences and market-research, but overcome those and you truly widen your net.

EMEA as a Market

Deloitte’s Tech Fast 500 list saw an average growth rate for technology companies of a whopping 410% within Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA). The UK’s very own Deliveroo stormed the list landing the number 1 spot. German media company Lesara and Icelandic software company Guide to Iceland took the second and third spots respectively. EMEA is a hotbed of tech savvy entrepreneurs and opportunity. Brexit may attempt to slow trade, but tech companies keen to continue exploiting business opportunities across EMEA will just need to sharpen their methods.

Successfully opening up overseas markets is not dissimilar to domestic efforts. You need a strong marketing and new business strategy and must be able to reach your target audience. Admittedly, there are some slightly niche hurdles in doing this across EMEA, but said hurdles are easily negated with advanced business data.

If your target audience are not aware of you and your unique offering, they simply cannot do business with you. Furnishing your new business campaigns with advanced business data does not just tip the scales in your favour – it opens doors.

What do we mean (exactly) by advanced business data for EMEA?

The simple answer is; you decide. You define the criteria and we guarantee advanced business data vital to market penetration.

This often includes:










We do not resell data. We do not aggregate data. All of the i-4business data is gathered by our in-house researchers, because no one else has the commitment to quality and depth that we insist upon. Our exclusive advanced EMEA database has seen 13,229 NEW contacts added in Q1 alone this year, as well as 90,993 UPDATES. Success isn’t just a numbers game, it requires strategy, relevance and audience engagement. How do you unlock communication with your target audience? With precise data and targeted leads.

Our team of researchers are highly-skilled and regional team leaders are native-speakers. This not only removes all language barriers, but allows for cultural awareness and local customs that are often a vital part of building rapport and trust.

We guarantee complete coverage of enterprise accounts in EMEA, ensuring actionable, complete and fully up-to-date intelligence for your business. Such intelligence can be your competitive edge and fuel your sales and marketing activities.

i-4business provide advanced business data for Europe, the Middle-East and Africa. This is our core focus and area of expertise for more than 22 years.

We offer a free trial and access to our specialist EMEA database so that you can evaluate our service for yourself. You can expect unrestricted access and a transparent view of our systems for a full 14 days.

To book your free trial, please get in touch with one of the i-4business team.

The specific countries currently included within i-4business are:


Benelux: Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg

British Isles: UK, Ireland & Gibraltar

DACH: Germany, Austria, Switzerland & Liechtenstein

France: France & Monaco

Iberia: Spain & Andorra

Italy: Italy

Nordic: Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden & Iceland


Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and UAE


South Africa


Poland and Russia

To book your free trial, please get in touch with one of the i-4business team.