Tim Stevens
Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Coping During Coronavirus: New Activities to Try at Home

Now we’re through the latest, and hopefully last, national lockdown and we’ve entered the new tiered system – which won’t feel much different for 99% of the country – we thought we would share our top tips for surviving the latest round of government measures.

Whilst our team are experts in the data industry, we’re also a group of individuals trying to find some fun in these tough times.

Here are some things we’ve been doing to try and fill the time outside of working hours. Interestingly, we have plenty of native Europeans on our team which has shaped some of our suggestions below. Things you can try out yourself too to keep busy, and sane!

1. Jam and chutney making

A popular one with our team and now it’s time to try new flavours and recipes as the festive season approaches. And if you make too much, take some round to share with your ‘Christmas bubble’!

2. Yoga

Much harder than it looks, yoga has soared in popularity in recent years and especially so during the pandemic. Feel the health benefits and give it a try yourself.

3. Leaving the house at least once a day

Dealing with the restrictions is much harder if you’re stuck in the same space all the time. Go for walks, go for runs, or even try spending time in different parts of your home. Clear your mind, refresh your body.

4. Baking & cooking

We will all be professional chefs when the year’s through! Has anyone not done a sourdough bread starter this year? Try new things in the kitchen, you might just surprise yourself…

5. Knitting

Get your knit on. Everybody needs a Christmas jumper! Be creative and see what you can come up with.

6. Soap making

Soaps, organic body oils, and candles all make good Christmas presents. Another new skill to try, and another activity that gives you something to use afterwards.

7. Join an online textile group

Since educational settings are mostly exempt from the restrictions you may even find physical classes of this nature that you can attend. A few of our team have joined pottery classes at a local college, for example.

8. Virtual wine and cheese tasting

A popular choice with many people across the country who are missing going out for food and drink. There’s more and more companies offering these fun evenings which you can enjoy from the safety of your home.

9. Upcycle old furniture

Turn old things into new treasures. Or you could opt for the opposite and have a good clear out! Whichever you choose will give you a new sense of satisfaction.

10. Play card/board games

If your family are starting to grate on you why not beat them at your favourite games to release some of your tension?!

11. Get a pet

Get a new friend. But remember they will probably want to stay when we get back to normal!

12. Do more of what you love

The standard reading, candles, blanket, coffee and a book combination still scores high with our team. Especially on a cold winters day.

13. Do more of what you don’t always have time for

What’s something you’ve always wanted to do but you keep using the, ‘I don’t have time’ excuse? It could be learning an instrument (what better way to keep the neighbours on side with a new drum kit!), learning a language, or something more obscure that you’ve always wanted to try. Now’s the time!

14. Challenge yourself

Some of the team are learning how to do a handstand, for example. Try a physical challenge or a mental challenge – such as reading a book a week.

15. What some great TV

Our top picks – The Queens Gambit (Netflix), For Life (Sky), The Haunting of Hill House (Netflix), The Alienist (Netflix). Give them a try.

What would you add?

Have you tried something new during the pandemic that’s made a real difference for you? Tell us!

Return the favour, we’re always looking for new things to try. What would you add to this list? Email support@i4b.com. And hey, if you need us for data, we’re still working as normal. Just let us know how we can help.