Tim Stevens
Wednesday, February 20, 2019

How to Intelligently Nurture Your Customer Relationships

How to Intelligently Nurture Your Customer Relationships

The Perfect Prospect

Successful sales people thrive when connected with the right person and company. Carefully selected prospects, who have a need for your product or service, dramatically improves the conversion ratio. Imagine how much time could be saved and more business converted if there was a steady stream of prospects and data, tailored to your industry, needs and audience? Intelligent business solutions keep your organisation and your technology platform up-to-date and support your continued sales and marketing success.

Sales and Market Penetration in 2019

We have evolved into a world that rightfully protects and respects our privacy. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) became enforceable on the 25th May 2018 and all EU businesses must achieve and maintain on-going data protection. For many companies this has created a challenge. How can you grow your business, nurture new relationships and approach your target audience? Your prospects need to ‘consent’ to receiving communication. Privacy policies need to be shared and robust and demonstrable data-protection processes must be in place (amongst other things).

A powerful CRM tool, targeted marketing campaigns and sales drives are integral for most (if not all) businesses but they must be GDPR compliant.

More than ever, GDPR compliant marketing data is in high demand and provides businesses with the competitive and compliant edge they need.

How can you (Intelligently) Nurture Your Customer Relationships?

Spamming and cold calling is often non-compliant. It is also a somewhat out-of-date tactic that results in little or no interaction. Such an approach lacks strategy and relevance and is time-consuming. If your content doesn’t immediately resonate and connect with your target audience and customers, your campaign will fall shy of success and credibility is damaged.

How can you give your sales and marketing teams the best chance of success?

Intelligent nurturing of your customer relationships is centred around intuitive CRM tools, the sales and marketing process and solid, reliable data. Without the right data your CRM tool is ineffective and your sales and marketing teams do not have the information they need for successful campaigns.

Drive your growth

Precious sales time can be wasted researching prospective clients, industries and identifying decision makers. Time that could be more profitably spent in front of clients, converting business and building relationships. Prospects are rightfully wary of the hard-sell and want value and a more consultative and tailored approach. Savvy sales people conduct thorough research, find the ideal audience and tailor relevant material. This approach dramatically improves their chances of success but takes time and know-how. You can give your sales people the best chance of success and more time with clients by providing actionable, intelligent data that drenches them in leads – the perfect leads for your offering.

Support your marketeers

You can have the best marketing campaign in the world but without the right marketing data you simply will not connect with your target audience. Target the right people, the right organisations and the correct demographic with information they need and want. Intuitive marketing tools ensure your campaigns are precise, targeted, relevant and (of the upmost importance) read.

Customer relationship management (CRM)

A CRM tool is only as good as the data you populate it with. Accurate, up-to-date, relevant data creates a powerful sales tool that will help you grow your business. By keeping in touch with your clients you build loyalty, add value and connect.

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