Tim Stevens
Wednesday, July 24, 2019

How to Reach your Target Market

How to Reach your Target Market

Low click rates? Unopened emails? Executing successful marketing campaigns is a tricky business. You know you need to reach your target market, but who are they, where can you reach them and how?

Before you even begin your latest marketing campaign, a solid understanding of your target market is a must. Your content and campaign should be built around their needs, otherwise, it has little chance of success.

Who needs your product/service and why? Think about your target audience; their needs, emotional and logical buying behaviours and how you can satisfy them in a way that no one else can. This information is fundamental. When analysing your ideal customer and market, there are a few proven factors to consider.

Marketing ROI

Developing personalised, cross-channel campaigns that engage customers across email, the web and mobile will help you grow your business and boost your marketing ROI.

You will need to match:

Industry Sectors





Key technology platform

Country and language


Job roles (primary, plus all contacts)

Full name and salutation

Email and DDI

A database that provides this information allows you to build your campaign around your target audience and successfully deliver it to them. It guarantees that each and every time you communicate, you are speaking with a decision-maker who is open to conversation and has need of your product or service. Creating your own exhaustive database and keeping it relevant, compliant and up-to-date is hard work. However, utilising a comprehensive database is the best way to connect with your target market.

For example, should you wish to penetrate a specific technology sector overseas, you can manipulate the database to generate a list of suitable businesses including locations, industries, size demographic, primary contacts, etc. within your target country/market. This strategy gives your marketers the ability to target precisely who you wish and instantly access your target audience – eliminating one of the biggest marketing challenges: penetration.

Empowered with detailed, drilled-down information your campaigns will connect, resonate and achieve your business goals.

Supersize Your Marketing Tactics

Many B2B technology vendors are sourcing innovative ways to reach their target market compliantly, cost-effectively and reliably. The digital landscape offers a great many opportunities but also obstacles – obstacles that can obstruct your marketing success.

All of the i-4business data is meticulously gathered in house by our team of native researchers. Our comprehensive database becomes your database, nurturing your teams with every relevant organisation and contact – you define the criteria. We guarantee complete coverage of EMEA, this is our core business and area of expertise for more than 23 years.

We ensure a synchronised, continually up-to-date resource. Reach your target audience like never before with targeted, tailored marketing data; and best of all - our solutions are GDPR compliant so you can grow your business with confidence.

We offer a free trial and access to our specialist EMEA database so that you can evaluate our service for yourself.

To book your free trial, please get in touch with one of the i-4business team.