Tim Stevens
Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Inside The Mind Of The B2B Tech Buyer

Inside The Mind Of The B2B Tech Buyer

B2B tech buyers carry a degree of mystery unlike any other. Will they expect dazzling product demos? Whitepapers and data? Referrals and reviews? B2B is the spider's web of sales and many vendors are understandably keen to provide a structured process that yields results.

B2B tech companies, in particular, must be customer-centric. This concept sounds simple enough, but only 14% of B2B organisations have a true customer culture. The tech vendor needs to sell and market their offering, however, the perception of sales reps has evolved beyond wariness. B2B tech buyers are actively avoiding them and more nervous, more cautious.

The success story of the B2B buyer/vendor relationship is much more complex than a prominent sales team…it requires that you get inside the mind of the B2B tech buyer.

Demystify Your Buyer

Understanding how the B2B tech buyer thinks, acts and operates is paramount to meeting their needs, asserting yourself, your products, and producing regular content at the right time in the right way.

Listen to the buyer

Understanding the buying personas of your target market will enable you to create a tailored and rewarding experience that builds trust. Trust between B2B buyers and vendors is essential and cited as a necessity. Long-term relationships are imperative to the tech vendor as the sales cycle can be up to two years. Vendors must be mindful of the range of emotional and logical factors behind purchasing decisions and tailor their value proposition accordingly. Respond to their signals with tailored, relevant content that answers their questions and speeds up the sales cycle.

A customer-centric culture

B2B tech vendors must be razor-sharp when it comes to the customer experience. Buyers demand much more than your products and a call centre. Customer centricity takes many forms and must lie at the heart of all business decisions. From adopting new technologies through to obtaining customer feedback and building trust. Location targeting and a personalised customer experience will enhance market share and help to convert buyers.

Risk factors

B2B tech buyers will analyse several risk factors associated with their purchasing decision. Their professional credibility and subsequent job security, the damaging outcome of a ‘bad’ decision, poor software performance and whether a better deal/vendor could have been sourced elsewhere are all prevalent in the tech buyers’ mind. If you wish to sell, vendors must alleviate these concerns by providing customers reviews, supporting data, tailored content and building trust – leaving the buyer in no doubt that you are the best vendor and their decision the right one.

Purchasing decisions

You may be familiar with a buyer suddenly disappearing from the relationship. This frustrating and wasteful experience is usually due to the number of decision-makers involved in the B2B tech buying process. This must first be rectified by identifying the purchasing decisions of each key stakeholder within the business. You must then tailor content that addresses their purchasing decisions and answers their questions.


Credibility is (unfortunately) not something that a company can simply just declare. Tech buyers conduct significant research and feel that is preferable to engaging with one of your reps. A truly customer-centric culture will yield the necessary credibility. Product reviews, referrals, data sheets and a personalised experience at each and every interaction will enhance the credibility tech vendors so desperately need to build trust and influence buying decisions. Your CRM and customer interaction must stem from accurate, up-to-date data and reflect individual preferences and tastes in order to meet them.

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