Tim Stevens
Thursday, January 2, 2020

New Release of the i-4business Platform!

i4business how it works

We’re delighted to announce the release of a brand new instance of the i-4business Database Portal.

We’re always acutely aware of the need to work efficiently and effectively when carrying out marketing activity, not least when the pressure is on and the work is highly time-critical. So we’re really pleased to enable our clients to access our data faster and more efficiently, through a better UI and more responsive data platform.

A niftier matching facility

Our advanced, automated matching facility has always been a unique and popular part of our data platform. It allows users to match up specific target company names they are interested in, and retrieve contact information for those target companies.

Our Sales Manager Vicky McFarlane says: “Our matching facility has improved massively in terms of speed. On the old platform, it could take up to 10 or 15 minutes to match up a list of target accounts. Now we have got the time down to just one minute.”

Other technical enhancements include the backend now running on the cloud computing service Microsoft Azure. We know there are many business-focused advantages to this, including security, flexibility, agility and better compliance and storage.

The move incorporates elements of ElasticSearch, the open-source, enterprise-grade search and analytics engine for all types of data, offering enhanced performance, speed and scalability. It also adds the ability for powerful components to be added a lot more easily. ElasticSearch is so fast because rather than searching text directly it searches an index instead (so it’s the equivalent of scanning a book index rather than every page.)

At the same time, the frontend user interface has become far more straightforward to use.

We will be working with our customers over 2020 to develop additional tools to enhance the usability of our data and our platform.

Here to help

Our team at i-4business would be pleased to talk through these latest changes with you in more detail or any feedback you may have for us on the new platform.

At i-4business, we only supply data that’s 100% accurate and fully compliant with all legislation. To book your free data trial and audit, please get in touch with one of the i-4business team today.