Tim Stevens
Thursday, April 16, 2020

The Importance of Direct Mail Post Covid19

Introducing our new direct mail facility – a first-class service!

As this strange period of lockdown continues, daily life as we know it remains transformed. One of the biggest challenges is not knowing how long the situation will persist.

However, we do know that the best businesses will adapt to survive and even thrive in the ‘new normal’. That will include a fresh look at your marketing methods.

One thing you may not have considered revisiting in this digital age is direct mail.

Once ‘lock down’ is over the electronic communication ‘charge’ will be underway with relentless digital noise coming from all directions and sizes of business. So, to make your company’s communication different, and stand out from the masses, it could be an excellent time to return to physical mailing alongside what you do online.

important of direct mail

As we launch our new direct mail facility, here’s a recap of some of the benefits of this tried-and-tested tool:

Why use direct mail?

It’s cost-effective

It can be done at short notice

At a time when everyone is communicating digitally, and people feel overwhelmed with emails, texts and phone calls, having something tangible can make a refreshing change, and people are more likely to read it, pass it on and hold on to it for longer than an email

You can look forward to up to 94% engagement with your audience with this marketing method – it’s proven to yield outstanding results

What we’re doing

Our new direct mail service enables you to send a letter within 20 seconds, for less than the price of a stamp.

With perhaps more time to think things through just now, you can plan a postal campaign in detail using our system.

Send one letter or 10,000 – there are no minimum spends or volumes of mail. What’s more, it’s the same price per letter whether you’re sending one or 999 letters, while if you send more than 999 in one week, the price per letter becomes cheaper.

What we offer is flexible enough to encompass a single letter or postcard, or a full marketing campaign.

And while direct mail may seem a traditional marketing tool, we bring it bang up to date with our speedy four-step solution:

1.)Choose the document for sending

2.)Upload the file in seconds by dragging and dropping

3.)Choose a delivery method

4.)Leave the rest to us

What’s more, we can show you how to make direct mail a digital tool, by including VR codes in the mail shots, directing recipients back to digital communication, and allowing laser-like precision of your campaign tracking.

There are no license or sign-on charges just for accessing the platform, so we keep costs affordable. The solution is highly secure, you’re in control from the outset. You can review items before they’re sent, and then track them constantly.

Contact us right now to find out more, see an online demo and discuss your specific requirements.