Tim Stevens
Monday, April 1, 2019

The Time to Integrate Your Data Is Now

The Time to Integrate Your Data Is Now

The Time to Integrate (Your Data) Is Now

Integrating your data means turning it into something useful and productive. It makes the data work for you, in the way that you want. From a business, efficiency and technical perspective – it provides a complete solution that drives discovery and opportunity.

Your sales and marketing teams, payroll, telemarketers, often all use a tool to store their important data and help efficiently carry out their daily duties. Most companies use a CRM tool, apps and cloud-based software to capture a variety of data. However good your data is, integration unlocks and delivers its potential.

The Benefits of Data Integration

Centralising your data makes it easy for anyone at your company to retrieve, inspect and analyse it. Flood your CRM with customised leads and your teams will cease to view it as a laborious, administrative function – but a powerful sales tool that helps them convert business and execute successful campaigns.

Specialised applications

Data is collected and stored for a reason. Similarly, every application is designed for a reason. By integrating data into a format accepted by your (commonly used) applications, you give your teams the power to access and use your important data in that software. For example, if your sales team use Salesforce to build their pipeline and manage customer relationships, you could inundate salesforce with targeted leads by integrating with another app. Customised, warm leads (ready and waiting) eradicates one of the biggest selling hurdles.

Data availability

How accessible is the data within your organisation? Accessible data is used data. Your cycle of available data is key for knowledge-sharing, innovation and better results. Precious time is often wasted whilst marketing teams analyse data, looking for trends and information. Integrated data allows your teams to collaborate, uncover opportunities and keep the data up-to-date. This approach ensures time is not wasted and marketing campaigns can reach and resonate with the key contact.

Smarter business decisions

By giving people the flexibility to access data in their preferred system, you are giving them the opportunity to understand the information and use it to their advantage. Integrating with other types of data can also mean saving on business costs and offer other advantages, such as accessing new information and instantly updated information.

Data integrity

The GDPR, PECR and forthcoming ePR have made companies (understandably) nervous about compliantly conducting sales and marketing activities. Many organisations take advantage of cross-border opportunities and buy and sell overseas. How can you flourish your teams with compliant sales and marketing leads and data, not only within the UK but abroad? With fines and data breaches a (now) weekly occurrence, managing the integrity of your data remains a must.

Intelligent Data for Your Business

The business benefits of data integration are indisputable. Companies are sourcing smarter strategies to prospect and secure a competitive edge.

Our Salesforce App allows you to access the i-4business database from within (your own) Salesforce.

There are two parts to the application:

1) You can use the i-4business Connector to match up existing data within your CRM and then seamlessly import new information against those records.

2) You can use the i-4business Salesforce Tab to run a report of your target audience and then import specific records as leads, contacts or accounts.

This strategic approach provides a continual supply of prospects and revenue opportunities – tailored to your business and needs.

i-4business provide actionable, intelligent data and business solutions throughout Europe, the Middle-East and Africa. Our comprehensive database becomes your database, nurturing your teams with every relevant organisation and contact – you define the criteria. We guarantee complete coverage of enterprise accounts in EMEA, ensuring actionable, complete and fully up-to-date intelligence for your business.

We offer customised integration with your CRM and have a packaged Salesforce application. Target the business you want; and the proverbial icing on the cake - our solutions are GDPR compliant so you can grow your business with confidence.

We offer a free trial and access to our specialist EMEA database so that you can evaluate our service for yourself.

To book your free trial, please get in touch with one of the i-4business team.