Tim Stevens
Friday, February 22, 2019

The impact of brexit on your business

The impact of brexit on your business

No Longer a Member State

The deadline for the UK to leave the EU draws near. Many companies are rightfully concerned about the impact of Britain crashing out with no agreement in place and the continued transfer of data post-Brexit. This impact is likely to be particularly significant to technology organisations.

Prime Minister Theresa May has said the UK, “has exceptionally high standards of data protection.” Whilst a fair assessment, major challenges will arise with respect to the free flow of data between the UK and the EU. Transference of data is currently governed by article 23 of the GDPR, which permits member states to breach etiquette with data protection and transfers when doing so “respects the fundamental rights and freedoms and is necessary and proportionate.” No longer a member state – the UK would cease to be governed under this law and will need to become an approved country.

The UK Technology Hub

The UK is renowned for tech innovation and industry. If this is to continue, a specific data transfer agreement will need to be reached. But when, and what will that look like? Considering the number of EU27 firms with branches in the UK, data exchange is of vital economic importance.

The ePrivacy Regulation (ePR) is due to be implemented in EU law in early 2019. It replaces the former ePrivacy directive and will likely be adopted by the UK once draft legislation is approved. The UK implemented the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations (PECR) on the 9th January 2019, which depicts specific privacy rights in relation to electronic communications. ePrivacy will evolve from directive to legal obligation causing yet more hurdles for businesses.

At its core is an outright prohibition on the processing of electronic communications data by providers of electronic communications services, subject to very narrow exceptions.

The UK has an uncertain future, but one thing is for sure; stringent data protection regulations are going nowhere. How your business tackles these ongoing hurdles, compliantly and profitably, may need to evolve.

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