Tim Stevens
Thursday, November 7, 2019

The tech vendors’ sales and marketing FAQ

The tech vendors sales and marketing FAQ

Data governance, competition, sales, privacy – there are significant challenges for B2B tech vendors. New concepts, gadgets, patents and ideas are shaping our future and B2B buyers have more info than ever. The approach to marketing is evolving and software and technology companies need to leverage tactics that yield real results.

With so much competition within the B2B tech market, vendors can struggle to compliantly and successfully reach decision-makers and guide them through the sales funnel. We have compiled this FAQ to answer the real challenges that tech vendors face and the corresponding solutions.

i-4business Tech Vendor Q&A

Q. Our target customers are well-informed and the landscape highly competitive; how can we build trust and our market share?

A. To gain trust, sales teams need to perfect their listening skills and demonstrate empathy and understanding. A consultative, genuine and helpful approach builds long-term relationships that will yield trust and revenue opportunities. Different messaging and approaches (based on role, function, company, geography and other criteria) will help you to efficiently engage with decision-makers and consistently build market share.

Q. How can you help my business to target B2B tech buyers, specific clients, verticals, etc?

A. Continually sourcing ‘good’ leads and data is a vital but time-consuming element of sales and marketing. We share access to our B2B database with everyone in your organisation. This enables your sales and marketing campaigns to land with the correct decision-makers, the correct-sized companies, correct countries, those using specific tech platforms. You can define the criteria to meet the precise needs of your business and the goals of your individual campaigns.

Q. Compliant prospecting is a hurdle, we want to grow our business and respect our prospects’ privacy:

A. Obtaining consent is vital for PECR/ePrivacy and GDPR compliant sales and marketing campaigns. We obtain consent for every lead in our database and compliantly share that data with your teams. We then email all data subjects with a reminder every 6-8 months to ensure full transparency, for continually compliant, accurate sales and marketing data.

Q. We want to target specific decision-makers with relevant sales and marketing materials via email, how will this work?

A. Email is a great way to elicit interest with targeted communication and content. We furnish you with the email addresses of the tech buyers you wish to target, compliantly and continually. Your campaigns will go straight to the decision-makers of your choice.

Q. We would like to save time and integrate our CRM system and marketing automation tools with targeted, relevant prospects and data:

A. We offer direct integration with Salesforce. Our app enables you to do everything within the Salesforce platform and import tailored contacts/leads directly into your organisation. We also can build customised files filled with the businesses and contacts you want to target and share those on a monthly basis.

Q. Our sales and marketing teams do not have the time or resources to continually source relevant sales and marketing leads; we want to give them good sales data and help them close business:

A. Our research team (based in Hampshire) take care of this on your behalf and continually verify B2B tech buyers across EMEA. We use a broad range of resources, such as the telephone, company websites, press articles, LinkedIn. But unique to i-4business – all of our research is completed by our in-house team of native speakers. This strategy breaks down barriers and allows us to successfully navigate local languages and nuances. Nothing complicated; a French researcher contacts the French leads and so on. It works well and we give both you and our contacts transparent, accurate information.

Q. A lot of our sales teams still like the traditional approach and to call a prospect on their DDI, is this compliant and achievable?

A. DDI can be a tricky one. Many people perceive direct calls from an unknown source to be intrusive. We always seek permission and are a consent-based database. For this reason, we do not obtain many DDI’s, but offer plenty of other successful implementation routes. However, we do have general phone numbers for 99% of our database.

Q. Is there a simple method to check that our existing company data is up-to-date and good quality?

A. We understand the time, expense and effort wasted on keeping and contacting ‘bad’ data. We offer a Free Data Audit, that enables you to cleanse a portion of your database, to enable you to see how much of your information is old/has changed.

Q. We would like addresses for the HQs of the companies we wish to target:

A. No problem. We can supply the exact data you need.

Q. What if prospects wish to opt-out?

A. Once a week we provide you with a file containing the details of any contact you have downloaded who wish to opt-out.

Q. What about the TPS service?

A. All numbers are screened by i-4business against the TPS/CTPS at least once a month.

Q. Who owns the data/leads that we access?

A. i-4business Group owns the data and you are licensed under our agreement to use the data via your subscription. The ownership transfers to you if the contact consciously and explicitly responds to your communications.

Q. Can we be truly confident that the data we access is continually up-to-date?

A. Yes. Our research team continually checks the database and each and every contact is on a regular, individual ‘checking cycle’. We are also always adding to the database with compliant, relevant sales and marketing leads in order for you to keep growing your business.

Our turn for a question: would you like free access to the i-4business database on a trial basis?

We offer a free trial and access to our specialist EMEA database so that you can evaluate our service for yourself. We are confident that you will reap the benefits - enjoying continual, compliant and cost-effective leads to nurture your teams and grow your business.

For uninhibited access and to book your free trial - get in touch with i-4business