Tim Stevens
Friday, August 23, 2019

What do Tech Vendors Really Need

What do Tech Vendors Really Need?

Gartner recently released its list of top 100 tech vendors. The list reads like a who’s who of friends and family, so familiar are its featured companies. From Apple to IBM - tech vendors really do make the world go around.

The needs of IT buyers are shifting. CEOs are more focused on growth and realising business outcomes from their IT spending. The impact of exponential digital business growth is giving rise to new directives.

So, what do tech vendors and IT buyers really want in 2019?

Shifting Customer Preferences

Marketing leaders need to understand the function of modern marketing and stay alert to shifting customer preferences. Attitudes and preferences lean towards digital interaction, relevant purchasing context, privacy and trust. Channelling capabilities towards the customer experience and AI, combined with incomparable service is key.

Vendor Trust

Vendor trust is still fundamentally based on the practical basics of product reliability, pricing transparency and service support. Today’s buyers are better informed with more information than ever before. They demand value, unbiased advice, reliable data and nurture. These elements are central to effective relationship building, trust in the abilities of the solution and in its alignment with the buyer’s business objectives. If tech vendors cannot provide this multi-faceted support, they are likely to lose influence over the deal. B2B buyers increasingly crave vendor authenticity, trust and support to foster confidence and justify the investment.

Vendor Loyalty

IT buyers are vastly reliant on marketing information to make informed decisions. Relevant marketing communications are powerful tools. B2B buyers want multiple information sources that support their buying journey with relevant content – gently nurturing the process through to purchase. Product demos, the website, user reviews, case studies, free trials and vendor representatives are commonly deployed resources. IT buyers are keen to taste a real-life introduction to the product, testimonials from current users and information from the vendor, such as product specifications.

Gain the Buyer’s Trust

The days of brands tightly controlling the key business messages are obsolete. Tech vendors have had to respond to digital buying trends. Buyers conduct independent research, demand relevant marketing content and structured guidance through their buying journey. They wish to independently verify their purchases and validate their decisions. Tech vendors who recognise this trend can capitalise on it by diversifying the mix of resources they offer and helping buyers find the information and reviews that they crave – thus gaining a competitive edge.

Many B2B tech vendors have had to source alternative methods to reach buyers compliantly, cost-effectively and with relevant content built around buyers’ needs.

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