Tim Stevens
Friday, March 20, 2020

COVID-19: Isolate yourself from the Virus, NOT your Target Audience

Recent days have brought huge amounts of uncertainty and worry, along with a need for the population to make significant changes to our daily lives and the way we interact with others. Financial and economic uncertainty is a part of that for many.

No one would deny the very real dangers posed by the coronavirus and the disease it leads to, COVID-19. Few would suggest making light of the present threat or ignoring latest government advice.

Most of us are going to have to adapt, one way or another.

For many marketers it seems that means delaying or reviewing campaigns as the fears escalate. A survey of more than 2,200 UK brand marketers by Marketing Week and sister title Ecoconsultancy, found that over 60% planned to delay or review budgetary commitments in the light of the outbreak, while 55% had paused launches of new services or products.

But is that really the right approach? Of course we all need to make whatever changes are necessary to protect ourselves and others. Yet perhaps an alternative stance to adopt would be that, while it’s important to isolate yourself from Coronavirus, you don’t need to isolate yourself from your target audience.

What we offer at i-4business

At i-4business, like everyone else, we’re having to adapt to ride out the current situation. Thankfully, remote working makes that possible. We know that many of those we work with will be doing the same.

And we’re offering prospective customers the opportunity to get a remote demonstration of our system, perhaps while they’re isolating, during a period where things may be quieter and potentially there being more time for taking stock of current systems and approaches.

Remember, we’re data specialists operating exclusively in the tech industry. Our system provides unrestricted data queries, allowing you to fine-tune your contact lists for laser-like precision across the EMEA region.

One key feature of our service has always been the opportunity to take an unlimited two-week, no-charge trial of our EMEA enterprise contact database, giving marketing teams further chances to be sure the audience they’re targeting is absolutely the right one, before paying for a full mail-out.

Finally, we also offer free data audits, so you can check the quality of the existing data you hold, and eliminate costly, inaccurate targeting that could be making your mailings far less effective.

Talk to us today about an audit or free trial. It could be a key first step to weathering the current crisis.