Data Audit

Our free data audit covers all angles, and will show you the quality of your data - or not, as the case may be! As well as highlighting the cost savings you could make by removing inaccurate data.

So, what exactly is included in our Free Data Audit?

In a nutshell, we will highlight any data integrity issues, such as:

  • Individuals that have Left
  • Incorrect Titles/Job Roles/Email/Tel
  • Incorrect addresses
  • Duplicate names and addresses
  • Individuals who have requested not to receive cold Calls through the TPS
  • Customers who have moved and can be re-addressed

Example of a typical audit:

  • Will match up to 5,000 records from of your database
  • Provide you with all updates on contacts who have left (for you to keep)
  • Will show you changes to data (where contacts have moved to different role/changed email etc)
  • Will show you how we can add contacts to your target audience (you may have 100 security contacts @ 100 accounts/we may have 1000 security contacts at those 100 accounts)

In addition to your Free Data Audit, we will give you a 2 week FREE trial to the i-4business application ...