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Add high quality, fully compliant contact data for every enterprise organisation across EMEA to your client offering with the only B2B database developed specifically for tech vendors. Try it for zero cost with our 30 Day Free Account.

Partner with i-4business to provide your clients with the most accurate & compliant B2B data in EMEA

Improved ROI

Select the precise target audience for each campaign with over 100 job roles and 300 verticals to deliver an improved return to your clients by using reliable, highly accurate and relevant contact information.

Quicker Lead Conversion

Working with a focused target audience will lead to a quicker lead conversion and ensure that your client's opportunities move more quickly through their sales funnel.

Competitive Pricing

Agencies benefit from a heavily discounted rate which provides you with the best quality data at a more cost-effective price enabling you to offer attractive data pricing for your client marketing campaigns.

Custom Research

Agencies can run custom research projects for clients such as specific areas, where you need more information, more contacts at a target account or more contacts of a certain role.

Continuous & instant access at a fixed price to the most reliable and compliant B2B database for EMEA

Fixed Quarterly Fee

Available solely on subscription the i-4business database will provide you with continuous access to the very latest, cleanest data at all times for your clients at fixed prices with no additional fees.

Instant 24/7 Access

Continuous and instant access to the contact data at all times for all key decision makers and influencers in your clients' target accounts across EMEA, 24/7, 365 days per year.

Real Time Updates

Constant updates in real-time mean the very latest B2B contact information is always available immediately we have it, ensuring your client campaigns only ever use the most recent data available.

Precise Targeting

Target the right people at the right companies for your clients with our sophisticated database. Drill down into your client's target audience for specific account matching, filtering by verticals, company size or types of personas.


You need the data for your clients to be absolutely right first time, every time. That's not a problem as we focus on the small details like spellings, exact job titles and salutations enabling us to guarantee 95% accuracy.


Guaranteed compliance with GDPR and ePrivacy for your client data. Not only are our methods and processes fully aligned with GDPR and ePrivacy best practices, our strict compliance with the various data protection laws is unmatched in the industry.

Precisely target the right decision-makers in the right organisations across the EMEA region


i-4business is the complete solution for your clients focused on EMEA (Europe, Middle East & Africa). It’s built and maintained by our in-house multi-national and multi-lingual team of researchers fluent in all the languages of the region and having the cultural awareness to match.

The specific countries currently included are: UKI, DACH, Benelux, Nordics, France, Italy, Spain, Middle East, South Africa.


Comprehensive profiles on every Enterprise Organisation across EMEA with either sales revenue of at least $50M or 250+ employees.

Public Sector organisations are also included, regardless of size because of their higher technology-related expenditure.

This includes Central Government; Local/Regional Government; Emergency Services; State Healthcare; State Universities.

Contact Types

Select the precise people your client needs. We categorise contacts across a total of 100 job roles to give your client that level of granularity.

Contact types include:

  • Senior IT & C Level DMs & Influencers
  • General Management/Operations
  • Security/IT Applications, Risk/Compliance
  • Infrastructures/Networks, IT Operations/Data Centre, Architecture/Data
  • Purchasing/Finance/Supply Chain

How we partner with C View Technologies

C View Technologies create digital applications to drive the convergence and efficiencies of research, advice, training and consulting.

Used by technology vendors who want to leverage the internal research and expertise to automate consultancy selling within their direct and sales channel organisations, one of these applications is the C View Technologies OpportunityPro. This fully customisable, scalable assessment tool utilises data from the i-4business B2B contact database and could use your services to easily generate triple figure ROI.

Exclusive Partner Agency Only Subscription Options

Custom Segment

Access every contact within a set amount of organisations with this completely customisable option. You can provide us with a set of target accounts or a target specific specification e.g. the type of organisations you are interested and the type of contacts you wish to target.

Country Access

Unlimited access to all contacts and companies within a region of your choice.

Enterprise Edition

Unlimited access to our entire database, meaning every contact at every company across all countries we research. With this subscription you also get a total of 5 download user accounts which can be used to access the database at any time.

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