Marketing Edition

Marketing Edition

Our Objective for Your Marketing Communications ...

That every message you send using our information will be welcomed by every recipient. Elsewhere it’s called Responsible Marketing – we simply call it marketing professionally.

With that aim achieved, your audience will enjoy the process more, will be more receptive & responsive and you’ll achieve more from your campaigns.

It’s critical today to precisely target ALL the right decision-makers in ALL the right organisations and ONLY the right decision-makers in the right organisations.

Focussed, targeted sales & marketing is essential for success, particularly in the field of technology. Traditionally, data sources have offered poor quality and coverage and lacked personal, business eMail address availability - quality solutions have been rare.

i4business is specifically engineered to deliver the quality and coverage plus eMail availability that these other sources lack. It is designed exclusively for Technology Vendors to enable you to reach your entire potential audience with the right message via the right medium – every time, on time.

Sales Edition

Sales Edition

Our Goal for Your Sales Activity ...

That you're able to spend all your time (valuable) Sales time interacting with customers and prospects rather than on researching them and identifying key decision makers/ influencers.

That you have instant access to full profiles on all accounts you wish to target.

That you have instant access to full details on all key decision makers/influencers in those target accounts.

That, when a Lead is received, you can rapidly qualify it via a full profile on the account and contact and all other key personnel.

That, when changes occur within i4business affecting your focus accounts and contacts, you receive a proactive alert of such changes (e.g. contact leaves; new key contact arrives; etc.)

That you can access all this intelligence through your tool of choice - i.e. either the i4business cloud application or your CRM (e.g. Salesforce or Dynamics etc.)

That you can instantly view/insert/update the information you have in your CRM directly from within your CRM via native integration.

That you can manage your accounts and contacts within i4business using Sales Tags and Watch Lists.

geographical coverage


Europe, Middle East & Africa – We are the EMEA specialists. More Info

subscrition model


Provides you with continuous access to the very latest, cleanest information at all times. With no additional fees you will never have to defer/cancel campaigns due to lack of data budget. More Info



All the information we deliver is researched in-house – we do not aggregate or resell anyone else’s information. We use a rigorous methodology designed to achieve the coverage, quality, accuracy, recency we insist upon. More Info