Subscription Model

Subscription Model

i4business is available solely as a subscription – all subscriptions share the following key characteristics:

  • 24/7-365 access available through the i4business application
  • simple fixed monthly fee
  • unlimited search/browse/navigate via uniquely comprehensive search capability of i4business
  • unlimited query & download of precisely targeted campaign lists
  • unlimited use of the downloaded campaign lists for no additional fees
  • fully customisable implementation – e.g. categorisations, etc.
  • campaign list & history management
  • inclusion of your own, absolutely private, information
  • optional automatic synchronisation with your CRM systems
Why Choose Subscription Model


Provides you with continuous access to the very latest, cleanest information at all times, 24/7, 365 days per year.

Constantly updated in real-time – latest information always available immediately we have it - this real-time update is truly a unique of i4business.

No additional fees – never run out of budget – never have to defer/cancel campaigns due to lack of data budget.

As we all know, marketing communications do not, generally, produce instant results – studies have suggested that, on average, it requires 6 or more incomplete engagements before a successful relationship is established.

Thus, your communications need to be repeated, and they really need to be precisely targeted, if they are going to taken seriously enough, and for you to establish sufficient trust, for a wholehearted response.

This means that, to produce the payback you seek, you need to know who you are communicating with, what level of relationship has been established and what is the past communication history. Plus you need a very clear (and accurate) knowledge of each member of the target audience to ensure that each communication is relevant (and we mean really relevant!) to that specific individual.

This all means that your communication processes need to be supported by a consistent intelligence resource providing the full level of knowledge of every organisation and every key decision-maker/influencer.

It means that you need to be able to exert full control over the audience for each communication, including the exclusion of individuals based on their expressed prreferences, engagement level relative to that individual &/or their organisation.

In the same way that you require your CRM to have rich detail on each customer or prospect, you need that same richness of detail on every organisation/person in the wider (suspect/above-the funnel) audience in order to drive targeted communications.

That's why a subscription model is the right model.

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All the information we deliver is researched in-house – we do not aggregate or resell anyone else’s information. We use a rigorous methodology designed to achieve the coverage, quality, accuracy, recency we insist upon. More Info >>