What information is included for each Enterprise Organisation?

Here’s the scope of the information we research for each and every organisation.

Information Coverage

The expansive detail is designed to deliver all the information required to support both sales activity and marketing campaigns as well as planning and strategy considerations.

All these elements of information are queryable/searchable via the i4business web application to deliver rapid response to any sales and marketing need.

Here’s a quick review of the items covered in the above chart:

  • COMPANY – each separate commercial legal entity and Public Sector/charity organisation – occasionally, a Division of a larger organisation is present as a separate entity if it is managed quite autonomously
  • SIZE – wherever possible, shows the featured 6 measures of size – covers both in-country and global locations where possible – number of customers also included where relevant
  • INDUSTRY SECTORS – shows all sectors relevant to each organisation (i.e. may be multiples) – for full list of classifications see Resources – SIC/NAICS codes are also included
  • WEBSITES – covers both corporate information sites and client/public-facing sites as clickable links
  • GROUP STRUCTURE – fully navigable parent and subsidiary chains
  • INDICES – includes e.g. FTSE 100; FTSE 250; DAX; CAC etc.
  • TECHNOLOGY – key platform shown for most organisations plus extensive information on key software and hardware infrastructure plus key service relationships – however, please note this is not exhaustive and is often gathered on an opportunistic basis rather than as a core item of intelligence
  • CUSTOM INFORMATION (for Company & Contacts) – client-specific data extensions – see Data Integration
  • ADDRESSES – HQ plus address for each contact – visiting and/or mailing addresses – full address plus telephone
  • CONTACTS – full range of decision makers and influencers for both IT and Line of Business

geographical coverage


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geographical coverage


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