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We are i-4business, the leading EMEA B2B Database Provider

Our B2B contact database was developed and tailored specifically for B2B organisations. Our B2B contact data is used throughout Europe, helping sales and marketing teams successfully drive pipeline.

The largest depth of enterprise B2B contact data available for EMEA

Our focus has always been on delivering accurate, compliant B2B EMEA contact data through our online database platform. We have the largest depth of enterprise B2B contact data for the EMEA region available in the industry. We’re also the only international marketing database researched totally in-house by native speakers.

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In-House Data Researchers

Lots has changed since our inception in 1996 but what hasn’t is our obsession with data quality. We live and breathe B2B data research because, unlike some suppliers, we don’t buy in any of our data. Instead, we own our data because we have always insisted that real people in our UK-based data research teams must compile and update our B2B contact database in real-time every day.

Complete & Compliant B2B Data

Not only that, our data researchers are judged on the accuracy and completeness of data alongside compliance rather than just numbers. This is a non-negotiable for us to ensure that quality remains high and that we continue to be the most compliant B2B data provider in the industry. 

i4b GDPR Data Compliant

Unambiguous Data Guarantee

And we don’t just ‘talk the talk’ when it comes to the accuracy and compliance of our B2B data, we have a data quality guarantee in our SLAs. That’s an unambiguous contractual commitment that ensures you can have complete confidence that your campaigns are reaching the right people in the right organisations every time.

Our Story

Specialist B2B Data Provider since 1996

i4b Management Team Barry

Barry Stevens

i-4business was founded in 1996 by Barry Stevens, who after a successful career in the technology industry, including as a principal for Spikes Cavell, identified the need for a specialist provider of EMEA B2B contact data.

Here's just some of our clients today

i-4business launched as a B2B data provider, initially to just 3 clients! TSG Software (still a client today), BGS Systems (acquired by BMC Software, also a client today), and Sterling Software (acquired by CA Technologies, who then became a client as well). Since then our list of B2B data subscribers has grown significantly, here’s just a few!

Innovating B2B Data Provision

We consistently strived to be at the forefront of B2B data provision innovation. As a result, from the very beginning, clients have received data updates automatically via email-based database synchronisation and we were the first to employ 100% cloud technology. We also expanded our coverage – firstly to cover all of Western Europe, then the Middle East, and then South Africa.

B2B Exclusive Focus

With our focus solely on B2B, this approach proved successful with major tech vendors such as NetApp, Gartner, Google, Amazon, Dell, SAP, HP, Juniper, IBM, Oracle, Safenet, and Varonis using our data alongside many smaller, start-up organisations who have taken advantage of our cost-effective data subscription models.

Our Senior Management Team

More than 25 years on and i-4business is recognised as the leading B2B data provider for the technology sector. With Barry now retired the business remains in the family, led by Tim, James, and Becky Stevens.

i4b Management Team Tim Stevens

Tim Stevens

Managing Director

I have been helping technology organisations improve the effectiveness and accuracy of their sales and marketing prospect data for over 15 years which has given me an in-depth knowledge regarding prospect data and B2B data processes. As a family business, I started working at i-4business when I was 15, working in the research team before moving into a research management role, and then worked my way up within the client-facing teams before becoming MD. Over the last 5 years, I have worked closely with our CTO on our API and integrations with other platforms.

i4b Management Team Becky Stevens

Becky Stevens

Financial Director

I worked for the company when I was a teenager working on client projects as part of the research team. I then pursued a career in education for 16 years including taking on the role of Deputy Headteacher. I then returned to i-4business in 2017 to lead on finance and HR.

i4b Management Team James Stevens

James Stevens

Chief Technology Officer

I have been with the company from almost the very beginning when I started with phone research. As the company grew, I took on a more technical role where I created the first cloud-based data portal of its kind, pioneering the next generation of data delivery. My role has also now expanded to include responsibility for all IT decisions.

Meet the People Behind our Data

We firmly believe our B2B data is only ever as good as our people so that’s why we invest in them. Our researchers always full-time employed by us, based in the UK and native speakers who work in 9 languages. Each data researcher also completes a comprehensive training with on-going monitoring for quality control under the guidance of one of our research managers. And that’s why we can provide the most accurate, compliant B2B data across Western Europe.

Review our full B2B database for 30 Days for FREE! No credit card required!


To provide you with an intelligence-empowered marketing tool that combines the ultimate B2B contact database with the most advanced delivery application. Accessible instantly on-demand, providing total market coverage with 100% accuracy and always fully up-to-date.


To provide you with totally accurate, totally complete contact information for the EMEA region on which to base your marketing strategies and campaigns as well as individual sales activity.


Simply to deliver measurable value to your business.


To be your number one preference for quality B2B contact data. To sustain a long-term relationship with you. To establish and retain every client as an i-4business reference.


To be the preferred supplier of B2B intelligence for the EMEA region.To continue to invest in resources and initiatives to further develop our information base retaining our total focus on the quality, completeness and currency of our information and on the quality of our service.


To deliver your data projects on time, every time and to deliver on all our commitments.

Your B2B Data Quality Guarantee from i-4business

Our Service Agreement has clear, unambiguous contractual commitments to Key Performance Indicators.


Getting the details absolutely right.


Getting ALL the right details.


Making sure your messages reach their intended audience.


Making sure our technology and team support you all the way.


Making sure the details are always up-to-date.


Covering all the relevant organisations and contacts.

Our Clients Say

"i-4business has been CenturyLink's primary marketing data provider for the UK market over the last 4 years. We have been very happy with their account management and the ability to self-segment and export the data we require"
Luben Solev
"We have 20+ years’ experience in seeking B2B data on key contacts in larger organisations; there is no consistently better data source in EMEA than i-4b. You get what you pay for"
Andrew Roberts
"i-4business is an indispensable tool for our sales team, allowing us to access and target enterprise accounts throughout EMEA. We are pleased with the continued development of their offering making i-4business even more useful for us."
Carl Groves
"I used the i-4business platform for a couple of years during the time I was working at Oracle. It's a great tool for good quality contact and prospect data, easy to use and lots of possibilities for segmentation, data matching, etc. The team gives great support and responds very fast!"
Niels Broeken
"I have been using the i-4Business database at the last four organisations I have worked at. Why? Because they are one of very few agencies who provide the right business and IT influencers and decision makers across EMEA. I know I can trust their data, and there are not many providers of data for whom I can say that!”
Ikram Ghani
"i-4business is quite simply, the only reliable source of sales intelligence for EMEA sales teams — and I should know, I’ve tried them all. If you are looking to expand in Europe, start by getting a subscription to i-4business."
Jim Speredelozzi

Customer Case Studies

We work with large PLCs right through to SMEs, helping them use our B2B data as a tool for driving their business.

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